EU Pavilion Side Event at COP 27: Bridging the gap to the Paris Agreement objectives

November 15, 2022

ENGAGE Partners and the Institut du DĂ©veloppement Durable et des Relations Internationales feature opportunities for international collaboration to support enhanced national ambition.

This event presents a globally comprehensive multi-model stocktake on the gap between current pledges and the Paris Agreement goals. It then presents several scenarios to ratchet up ambition of the NDCs and long-term goals, as well as the global enablers for eight major economies to implement deep decarbonisation pathways in their countries, according to in-country analyses and experts. These strategies and enablers constitute poignant themes for global climate discussions, including the GST.


  • Introduction by Vicky Pollard, EC DG Clima (5 min) 
  • Presentation on current pledges and the emission gap, by Bas van Ruijven, IIASA (10 min) 
  • Presentation of scenarios to close the emission gap, by Isabela Schmidt Tagomori, PBL (10 min) 
  • Presentation on the global narratives, by Johannes Svensson, IDDRI (10 min) 
  • Presentation of the global enablers emerging from a country analysis (Brazil), by Emilio Lèbre la Rovere, COPPE (10 min) 
  • Q&A (15 min) 

Register and join at the following link!

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