ENGAGE Second Project Meeting

The second ENGAGE project meeting will be held 17–20 March 2020 at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) in Den Haag, Netherlands. The purpose of this meeting will be to present and discuss advances and objectives of the work packages within the project consortium, to

  • develop a plan for the near term tasks to ensure that they feed into long-term project objectives;
  • identify cross-cutting activities and information flows between work packages; and
  • receive feedback from the project’s Advisory Board on project implementation.

A stakeholder meeting will also be held as part of the meeting. This meeting will bring together a wide variety of experts to discuss issues related to feasibility and decarbonisation pathways.

ENGAGE is a consortium of more than two dozen international and multidisciplinary research groups who are collaborating to co-produce knowledge for designing cost-effective, technologically sound, socially and politically feasible pathways that can meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. To learn more about the ENGAGE project, visit http://www.engage-climate.org/project.